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Wardrobe Basics Checklist 2020

Today I am going to talk all about wardrobe essentials. Many of my regular readers have been asking about wardrobe basics checklist for a long time and I’m finally doing it today. I think now is like the perfect time to do it because it is the beginning of the year and I know a lot of people are looking into revamping their wardrobes. Just as a disclaimer, all of these wardrobe essential suggestions are just merely suggestions based on my personal opinions. I’m not telling you guys to go run out and buy all of these. You can if you want to. You don’t have to buy all of these pieces I picked up in the last one year. Some of them are thrifted and some of them are store-bought. It all depends on your lifestyle and budget. Do what fits you. The last thing is if you’re not subscribed yet don’t forget to subscribe down below to join the family and with that let’s hop on it.

Satin Silk or Lacy Cami

In my wardrobe, I have two of these. I have a black kind of satiny lacy cami and then I also have this kind of more nude cropped lacy cami. Now the reason I consider this piece to be essential to a wardrobe is that a lot of them looking good or looking put together, it comes from layering. Typically layering makes you look more stylish and more put together. So, when it comes to layering, if you’re looking for a more feminine or kind of a more erotic piece, a t-shirt just might not cut it so I find that having these if you want to add something to your outfit. Having that texture of a satin looking piece or the lace detailing can level up your outfit. Camis are also great for if you have something that’s a little too low-cut and you don’t want to show as much cleavage perfect thing to throw into me.

Classic White Tee

I own five different basic white tees. All are with different necklines and silhouettes, so they go with different outfits and because I wear white t-shirts so much, I always have one in case some are dirty. What I’ll show you guys today is white v-neck, which has kind of more of a hanging looser fit, but what I really like about this though, is that it does have a bit of weight to it, so it makes the fabric fall nicely against your silhouette. So it highlights your figure instead of clumping all up at the bottom. Another reason a white t-shirt is so great to have is because it’s so versatile. It goes with everything you can dress.

Quality Bra

In my personal opinion, I find that a bra can make or break your outfit. Its great to have in your arsenal. A right t-shirt bra honestly has like changed my life. They are made to not show under your t-shirt. If you want to make sure that your bra stays hidden and is not showing through your clothing, when it comes time to picking a bra to choose one that is new to your skin color. So for me, I have this skin complexion and the bras I buy are in that kind of like classic nude shade. However, if you have deeper or darker skin tones then definitely start moving down the spectrum of nudes and by choosing a new that is new to your skin color and not just like the basic nude that exists. It is going to make sure that your bra stays like nice and covert and it’s not showing through.

As a little bonus tip, there’s this brand I found on Instagram a while ago they are called third love I personally have not tried them myself but they have glowing reviews what I really like about this brand and what I wanted to share with you guys is they have a range of nudes for women of all sorts of different skin colors and complexions. So, if you are looking for bras in a good nude that is not like in the nude the one nude that most stores carry definitely check them out.

Skin Colored Bodysuit

If you were going somewhere where you’re moving a lot or you find that your shirts just untuck all the time, a bodysuit is just gonna help with all of that. I love body suits. I know some people don’t like them because of the panty line which is why I always go for a thong style bodysuit. Select the white t-shirt they can go with so many different things. There are so many different styles now and what’s great about a body suit is it always stays tucked in, if you’re going to a club it’s not gonna on top, if you’re going to do a beach cleanup and you’re doing a lot of bending over and picking up it’s not gonna untuck, it’s not gonna show your underwear. Because that’s always embarrassing when that happens and if you truly are worried about having panty lines you can always make the thong be more wedgie and the panty line should go away.

Graphic Tees

I love a good sassy graphic tee because it shows something about my personality. Sometimes they can even be good conversation starters. It’s a cool thing to add a little bit more color or style or fun to your wardrobe. It’s a fun take on a not-so-nice word. I would definitely have a couple of these in your wardrobe.

Stripe T-shirt

A stripe t-shirt is another great thing to throw on when you don’t know what to wear. These are just another basic type of t-shirt that pairs well with a variety of different things like with jacket many times and it always excused.

White Button-up

I know most people suggest a plain white button-up because it’s a great classic look. However, I worked at a restaurant where you had to wear white button-up so wearing plain white but nubs kind of give me flashbacks to when I worked at the restaurant. So, I actually have some twists on the classic suggestion that everybody has. The first one is this white button-up but on it, it has these little micro printed stars. I love this button-up it does have that kind of put together feel, but the micro print has a little bit of fun in personality.

The other button up that I consider essential to my wardrobe is gold satin button-up. I flipped at this blouse for five dollars which is one of my favorite through fines ever. I love the color of this and I love the texture of the fabric. I mean even though these aren’t the traditional wardrobe staples. I’ve kind of taken my own personal style and twist and Found wardrobe staples that are more fitting to me and my personality which is something you can do. So, if you like any of these pieces but you want it to fit more of your personality, you can definitely find a version or rendition of it.

Little Black Dress

Black dress like this is a great go-to for any sort of more formal or dress-up occasion have won this for networking events. I’ve worn this for a wedding and even worn this paired under this denim jacket with some sneakers. There are so many different ways to wear a plain simple black dress. They are so versatile and they are such a lifesaver if you just if you don’t know what to wear to something more fancy.

Denim Jacket

A denim jacket is the perfect thing to throw on to complete any casual outfit. You can wear a denim jacket with a multitude of different tops with graphic tees, body suits, t-shirts, a white tee etc. You can wear a denim jacket with anything and it’s going to look good. If you put on an outfit and it just feels like it needs something extra, try adding a denim jacket. 9.9 out of 10 this is going to finish off the outfit like PERFECT!

Moto Jacket


This next wardrobe essential is one of my favorites. I wear them all the time. A blazer is such a perfect go-to for when you need to look more professional dressed up. if you have a job interview or if you want to kind of dress up a plain t-shirt and jeans just that piece to reach, for something that every gal should definitely have. A black blazer will carry you through so many different situations or you just need to look more polished or put together. Other blazer that I consider to be a border of essential is this camel colored blazer. This is the piece that I just always reach for anytime I need to look stylish or sheep. Typically pieces that are in this more camel or nude color family just look more expensive and luxurious. I actually have found this to be quite true because I have this pair of shoes that are just like those black slides with gold detailing. Any time I’ve worn them with a regular pair of shoes people compliment me.


Now the reason I consider this to be a wardrobe essential is because if you live anywhere where there’s cooler weather, you’re going to find yourself reaching for a coat more often times than not. Now I was born in California, so I kind of find anything under 70 degrees to be just cold so I can always throw a coat on if it’s under 70. It’s really important to have a neutral colored coat in your wardrobe, just for those times when it is cooler, especially, if you live somewhere where it actually is consistently cooler than to have a coat that is kind of just your go-to coat. You can just throw it on as you’re walking out the door you don’t have to spend much time thinking about. if you pick one that is in a more neutral color. I would recommend black or more of a brown color. I actually have a coat in a white color and I really never really reach for it but choosing one in a neutral shade and shares that it’s going to go with everything no matter what you’re wearing.


Having a pair of jeans that look good on you and make you feel good is so just essential to a wardrobe. Jeans, I mean we wear them all the time. They go with everything if there’s just like the thing you put on, if you don’t know what to wear. Jeans I feel like it’s pretty self-explanatory but the reason that I mentioned having a pair of jeans that look good on you and feel good because of confidence. A good pair of jeans can make your confidence and a not so great pair of jeans can really break your confidence. For example there have been times where I pick out a pair of jeans at a store, I think I like them, I wear them a couple days later and I realize halfway through the day that get the saggy crotch syndrome. You feel self-conscious and then the rest of your day you’re like, why did I buy these jeans? Why did I wear these? However, if you were an au pair of jeans that like you feel good and you feel sexy and you’re like oh! My butt looks good in these, they fit nicely, they’re comfortable, and your confidence level is going to be up here. I have two favorite pairs of jeans, these are my go-to jeans. I bring them on every trip with me.

Darker denim and Levi’s 501 skinny mom jeans are my favorite ones. These are the jeans that I throw on when I want to look like particularly trendy. Feel like I don’t have to explain these too much they’re cute they’re on-trend and I love the high-waisted bit because it hides that a bit of tummy fat that I just want to hide sometimes especially after I’ve eaten.

Black belt

I did not have a black belt for a long time just because I’d always forget that I wanted one, until I was wearing an outfit where I’m like wow! this would look great with a black belt wow! I wish I had a belt to hold up my pants. I feel like this was pretty self-explanatory. I just from my personal experience until I had what I’d always think like wow! I had one but then I forget until I needed one. So, the black belt is just a great thing to have in your wardrobe.

Go-to necklace

A go-to necklace is the perfect accessory to level up any outfit. If you guys have followed me for a while you guys know that I used to have a gold necklace with a disc on it right in the middle and I wore that every single day. That was like my go-to jewelry and I feel like it always just completed the outfit. However, like a couple months ago I broke it and I was really sad but then yesterday my husband actually gave me a new necklace and this one is like a real necklace. The other one was just like just some jewelry that I got at forever 21. This necklace is going to be my new go-to piece of jewelry to complete an outfit. I’m just going to wear this every day because I love it. It’s sweet and it’s sentimental but it also ties together an outfit and it just gives that perfect touch of just you know that little something that an outfit just need. Of course I don’t have to go for a dainty necklace. Some people like a big statement necklace especially if you have a bigger bust. Sometimes there’s just compliment better together but I think just having a piece of jewelry that you wear every single day. Feel like it just gives that final stamp that like seal of completion on your overall style and you are a look of the day.

As I wrap on today’s blog on Wardrobe Basics Checklist I really hope you enjoyed blog video. I hope that if you are looking to revamp your wardrobe or find a new style or minimize your closet or whatever it might be. I hope that this blog was helpful in figuring out what pieces you might need in your wardrobe or might be missing. See you soon!

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