Thigh-High Stockings with Silicone Lace Top, Neon Pink

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It is quite difficult to understand the early history of Thigh-High Stockings. They were made to be worn by girls during the Victorian era. They were actually quite popular at the time, as they were considered extremely sexy and they served to heighten their character as a woman. They were generally thought to make the wearer appear taller and sexier and were generally worn by the wealthy. The most common materials used for them were satin, velvet and lace.

The style of these stockings, also known as Belle’s stockings, were quite different from the stockings that are worn today. They were usually quite short and they showed off the female leg quite well. The skirt, which was usually two or three inches below the knee, was made from a material that was quite sheer. There are a number of manufacturers who still produce these kinds of stockings. They have become very popular again recently and are used by many women to enhance their look.

Belle’s Stockings also tend to get more attention in fashion magazines than other styles. One of the reasons for this is because they often times become the focus of a particular trend, especially when it comes to clothing. For example, many people are particularly interested in the Belle style these days. It seems to be very much a part of the current women’s fashion. As a result, these stockings are frequently high on the wish list for many women who are trying to buy sexy stockings. This will allow them to get a beautiful set of stockings and will feel like they are really getting into something that they would otherwise never have tried.

Sheer thigh high stockings with stay up silicone lace top. (Thong not included)Sheer thigh high stocking with silicone lace contrast.
Silicone band around the lace top hugs the thigh so the stocking stays up. Recommend to wear with garters but can be worn by itself.
Model is 5’9″ and is wearing a one size that fits up to 160 lbs.
Thong not included.
85% Nylon/15% Spandex / Imported / Hand wash


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