Stretchy Pink BREAST Cancer Awareness Bracelet

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According to The American Cancer Society, over 290,000 women, and more than 2,300 men, are diagnosed with breast cancer each year and more than 40,000 die from breast cancer. More than 3 million women in the United States have had, or currently have, breast cancer. These statistics mean that women have a 1 in 8 chance of developing breast cancer in their lifetime. Show your support for women with breast cancer with this beautiful breast cancer awareness bracelet. Made with pink cat’s eye beads and silver plated Bali Daisy Spacers, it also includes a cancer awareness ribbon. Great for use in cancer education campaigns, fundraisers, pink out days, or other cancer awareness events. Breast Cancer Awareness Campaigns are designed to give women the information they need to make lifestyle changes that will reduce their risk of breast cancer, and show them how to check themselves for lumps, or changes, in their breasts. Information to distribute at your Breast Cancer Awareness Event, or company Pink Out Day, include: How to conduct a good self breast exam monthly; what changes to look for and when to see a doctor. Mammograms after age 40 also help detect breast cancer in the early stages. When planning your Breast Cancer Awareness event or Pink Out Day, reach out to your local health care providers. They have a tremendous amount of helpful information to share and may be willing to attend your event or provide breast cancer awareness information or breast cancer awareness products or items that you can give to your event guests. Information about ways to reduce the risk of breast cancer is also something you will want to share with your even guests. Risk of breast cancer is greater with obesity, hormone exposure, and alcohol consumption. Breast cancer risk can be lowered by maintaining a healthy weight, eating a diet high in fruits and vegetable, getting plenty of physical activity, and minimizing alcohol consumption. Join the fight against cancer. Together we can win!Pink Out Day – Hold a Pink Out Day for your office or school. High quality, pink breast cancer awareness bracelets are made with stretchy cord to fit most sizes, while holding securely.
Breast Cancer Awareness Jewelry – High quality cancer awareness merchandise for use in your cancer awareness campaign or cancer fundraising efforts. Handmade from the highest quality materials. Comes packaged and mounted on a card that lists the cancer awareness colors and their meanings.
Breast Cancer Fundraising Campaign – High quality cancer fundraising product, a thank you gift for volunteers, or wear to show your support. Bracelet made with pink cat’s eye beads, silver plated accents, cancer ribbon, and strong stretchy cord that fits most adults
Raise Money For Breast Cancer – Support patients and families with money raised from cancer fundraising merchandise, or donate the money to your favorite cancer research facility
Fight Breast Cancer – A portion of the sale of this item will be donated to the American Cancer Society


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