Pink Breast Cancer Recovery Tee

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(as of Dec 27,2019 18:12:09 UTC – Details)

Made for every breast cancer patient who is having surgery or undergoing treatment. It allows patients to recover comfortably and contain the post-surgical drains safely.

Breast cancer patients face a huge problem. Managing the drains after surgery, dressing yourself, and activities of daily living are difficult for breast cancer patients after surgery. Each shirt contains internal pockets for drain management for mastectomy, reduction, and/or reconstruction surgery. This shirt will aid in post-operative recovery by allowing easy access and safe containment of your drains inside these pockets without the use of safety pins or clips and can be worn during rest, activities, physician follow-up appointments, chemotherapy, radiation, x-rays, diagnostic testing, etc. After surgery, patients have limited mobility for an extended period. Activities of daily living become challenging during recovery. Dressing yourself should not be one of the biggest challenges during this period. For that reason, easy-snap plastic buttons were selected for ease of dressing.

And, worst of all, many surgery patients requiring drain management can’t get past the idea of even leaving the house not to mention going to a follow-up doctor appointment while containing these drains discreetly. The Recovery Tee allows easy management of your post-surgical drains without pins or clips, avoid undressing for radiation treatments and wear the shirt for easy access to your port during chemotherapy. But luckily for you, there’s now a solution to your post-surgical care needs!

So, if you’re a breast cancer patient trying to manage your post-surgical drains Recovery Tee is the answer you’ve been looking for!

Grab yours today. Many patients have tested the Recovery Tee and the design was modified to ensure its design specifically meets the needs of breast surgery patients to help them manage their drains, recover more comfortably and wear to follow-up treatment appointments.SIZING INFORMATION: When selecting a size, choose your normal t-shirt size – it is not recommended that patients “size up”; shirts were carefully designed with a ever-so-slight bell-shaped pattern to allow for more room in the bottom sweep (bottom edge measured horizontally straight across from side-to-side) and accommodate post-surgical drains and various waist and hip sizes
Contains 4 internal pockets for more comfortable & easier post-surgical drain management after breast surgery
Easy-snap, plastic buttons for ease of dressing, health care provider appointments and/or further treatment (eliminates need to change for radiation and provides easy access to port for chemotherapy & blood draws)
Extensive patient-testing to meet the needs of breast cancer patients – both patient & health care provider recommended (used in several hospitals for all patients)
Comfortable, super soft moisture-absorbing (cotton blend fabric-limiting shrinkage); patent pending, Made in the USA


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