Classic Silk Ribbon Sash for Bridal Dress

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How to Choose a Classic Silk Ribbon Sash For Your Bridal Dress


A beautiful, classic silk sash for a wedding dress can make or break the look of the dress. The fashion world has gone through many eras, but a classic look is still the staple of a classy evening outfit. Here are some ways to ensure that the sash matches your dress.

Keep in mind that a timeless dress may not fit all sizes. When choosing a dress with a sash, check out the size chart at the local department store or clothing boutique. You may need to choose a wider or taller sash if you’re wearing a smaller dress. If the dress you’re shopping for has a flared skirt, it may not be a good idea to wear a full length sash.

One problem with choosing the sash from individual pieces is that it can be difficult to determine whether the design matches your dress perfectly. A solid color with no additional accenting might work great with your bridesmaids’ dresses, but a smaller color might not look right in a classic ball gown. Make sure that you measure the width of the dress, or look at a sizing chart to make sure the ribbon will fit correctly.

If you’re planning to shop online, then you’ll also want to try on the dress online. When you’re buying a classic silk sash, it’s best to try them out before you place the order. It’s hard to go wrong if you can actually try it on. However, there’s no sense in trying to decide if the color matches when the fabric doesn’t match up to your memory.

Also, it’s easier to ask questions on the phone or during the entire trip if you are online. So take your time while browsing, and have a plan.

Get there early and set up on the showroom floor. This gives you a chance to gauge the fabric and check for colors and style. Keep in mind that a shorter sash can fit the same way as a longer one, just a bit smaller.

Find a professional seamstress to do the sewing for you. This may be a bit pricey, but it’s worth it if you can save a lot of money by ordering from a specialty shop online. If you can’t find someone locally, look for family members, friends, or neighbors who sew. They may be willing to lend a hand, and you’ll be able to get a better price.

Look for a designer company that has a solid reputation in the industry. These companies are also the best bet for buying in bulk. You may need to check the company name in the Yellow Pages, or Google it. Another option is to call a number for customers, and ask about their experience.

Take advantage of free samples and advice from the company. This is an excellent opportunity to hear about the latest trends in your area and choose from a wide variety of designs. Although some sashes can be custom made, you can usually get a general idea of what it looks like on the site.

Your sash can be your signature accessory, so make sure it’s something you’re happy with. Remember, you’re only paying for it once. If you don’t like it, you can simply return it, without a hassle.

Buy two to three sashes, so that they can be used for another occasion. Don’t buy too many, because the cost will add up quickly. Also, consider purchasing more than one sash if you need to, in case your “perfect” one gets lost, stolen, or you get married again in the future. No matter how much money you spend on your dress, a sash is something that can turn heads. With a little extra effort, and patience, you’ll be ready to give your bridesmaids a memorable dress and a classic look that lasts for years.

Width: 5cm
Length: 270cm
Please Iron it after you get the sash.
Perfect for any special occasions dress or costume.