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Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Steps


Today I’m going to draw an awareness ribbon and because it’s October. I’m going to be drawing mine for breast cancer. This drawing has also inspired me to draw more symbols for you so definitely look out for them this coming week.

Now let’s get started on our first symbol. To draw an awareness ribbon we’re going to first start by drawing a curve right here for the top of our ribbon. Our first shape or basically a major draw comes like an upside-down drop of water to have a nice round curve and then I’m going to bring it to a point so I’m just going to round this off on both sides. I’m just  going to slowly build this back and forth and the most important thing I want to do is to find my Center right here and bring it straight down so I’m just going to say about that much. I’m just going to give myself a point nice and Center because this will determine the direction of your ribbon. So I’m just  going to bring this curve right down to my point. Just try to make it as Center as possible. Let’s start with that and then we’re going to come to the side right here then cut drop a slight angle line. So this is going to be the beginning of our ribbon on both sides. this is going to be the beginning of our loop and tail. now before we finish that let’s come in here and we’re going to draw a curve so this curve is going to determine how thick your ribbon it’s  going to be so I’m just  going to say about right here I’m just going to give myself a point then go right across so I’m just kind of following my top so this is how thick my ribbon is so this part right here is  going to be a Proximus same width as fat so let’s bring this down so this much I’m just  going to follow this curve and I’m going to do the same thing over here I’ll go right there I’m going to start to bring it in so everything is really even so with this curve right here I’m going to start to draw a tail that comes down so bring this angle continuing and we’re just going to go right past this ology how long you want your tail to be now we can go ahead and just follow the top line so now we can go ahead and draw this side exactly the same thing and so this is going to come right through just imagine it coming right through and just go ahead and finish this side first it’s all up to you how you want to make your tail I’m going to bring it down a little bit more and but right there I’m  going to kind of followed this angle right here to finish it off so say about right there just going to go ahead and connect it there okay so now that go and draw the other side so I’m just going to come right through all right here so once again everything is kind of centered if you notice on this Center your point I’m just slowly drying my ribbon down I need to fix your angles just go ahead just make sure it’s one continuous line so right there and I’m  going to sass my endpoint now so just drag this point across it’s about right here is where I’m going to end and then I’m going to drag this point across but right there if these two points I’m going to go ahead and connect they’re all done yeah I hope I made that bit easier for you to draw so like I said just to make sure you have this one though upside-down teardrop first nice and centered and then everything else kind of flows together okay so the basic element is done with this ribbon I’m going to be drawing some butterfly wings but because I don’t want to use a sharpie I’m going to be using a color marker to do it because the ribbon is the main point in this drawing so let’s get started in coloring so with this ribbon I’ve decided to add some butterfly wings to make this drawing extra pretty so I’m going to come right here I’m just going to go ahead use my marker color marker a pink and I’m just going to start bar right here and I’m  going to draw some butterfly wings and I don’t want to use my sharp because I don’t want this part too dark too harsh I’m just  going to go up and then bring it back down right back to where I started and from this point right here I’m just going to come down and give myself a points as nice and even than this side I’m just going to come out just a basic butterfly wing come out it’s about the same and just bring it right back in a little curve okay so then I’m  going to come in here and just thicken it up a little bit just to give it some volume so the edges are  going to be a little bit thicker and then it tapers in so I really hope this inspires you to draw your own ribbon however you like you can give it angel wings or butterfly wings whatever you like [Music] okay so something like that and then now to draw the other side which is the hardest part so I’m just  going to give myself points right here to make it a little bit easier then come right across just like the other side just like the other side right about here then now I’m going to go up so don’t worry if this is not exactly the same it won’t be we just want to approximately so you can give yourself as many points as you need if you really care about it being almost the same let’s bring this point so we just want to drag the top say let me bring this up a little bit more so the idea how far to go right there I’m  going to drag this point across so say about right here I’m just  going to stop then curve in from there I know this part is  going to be about right here because it’s in the center of these two points so I’m just  going to get myself a point I’m  going to use that and just bring a curve back down just a little bit easier so then now let’s draw this site I’m just  going to come down the approximate in this area just like the other side I’m going to round it off so it’s about the same so drag this point across about right there and connect there and the same thing let’s go back in here then thicken the points [Music] okay there I have my two butterfly wings in and if you like you can even add a heart right here so I’m going to do that right now right in the center just a small little heart okay so now that that’s all done let’s go ahead and color it more with the ribbon here [Music] so their hope you love how this awareness ribbon turned out and make sure to look out for more symbols this week thanks so much for watching and if you love them please make sure to subscribe and turn on your notification bell so you won’t miss any new draw so cute videos see you later

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