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7 Essential Winter Outerwear 2020

In today’s blog I am going to share 7 essential winter outerwear for 2020. I am currently in Switzerland visiting for the holidays. It’s snowing outside right now. So, I thought now is the perfect time to do this topic. I am just sharing some ideas that can spice up your winter wardrobe out a little and will also keep you warm. So if you’re interested in knowing what these even outerwear pieces are, keep on reading. 

Women’s Everyday Sherpa Clothing

The first piece of outerwear that is must have for winter style is something sherpa or shearling. Both shearling and sherpa are very popular. They’re a huge upcoming 2020 trend. Even though, it’s a tried and true winter stable, sherpa and shearling always look really great in the winter. It gives the look of being cozy and warm. It gives you very like winter kind of cozy vibes that everybody loves to wear.

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    Some great examples of sherpa and trailing pieces are like those denim jackets that have like the fuzzies from inside. I am a huge fan of denim so I really love that look. I also love the teddy bear coat. I think it looks adorable and is perfect for this time of year. You can also find a ton of other pieces that have that sherpa or shearling lining, or just kind of like a variation on the teddy bear coat. Now, it is a great time to be hunting for those pieces because as I mentioned, they’re trend so they are really easy to get.  I’ll link all of my favorites so you guys can kind of get a range and pick something or at least get some.

    Women’s Everyday Black Coat

    A good black coat almost goes without saying for a winter outerwear piece, because it is a staple. A black coat is so versatile. It pairs with anything it goes with everything and it looks so great. You can put it on without thought. If you want to keep yourself warm and still look amazing, a black coat is something you definitely need to have.

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      Women’s Everyday Camel-Colored Coat

      Now, I could not do this list without one of my favorite pieces. One of my just gotos during the fall and winter that looks so amazing with everything, the camel-colored coat. The camel-colored coat is another great versatile piece, that pairs with anything. But if you step up with the camel-colored coat, over the black pea coat,it just gives you that air of elegance, classiness. Essentially a camel-colored coat just makes you look so stylish and put together. I’ve talked about the camel color on my blog several times before. Camel just has an air of elegance that just makes you look more expensive. Just very classy without any effort, a camel-colored coat is going to be  your.

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        Women’s Everyday Knit Sweater

        Everyone loves a good cute knit sweater. I am a major fan of just a good sweater. It’s just the easiest thing to throw on in the chillier months. When you don’t want to put in any effort but you want to look cozy and cute and have those winter vibes, a cozy knit sweater is your answer. It can be layered under or over anything so basically it can be paired with a plethora of things. There are so many designs of sweaters ranging from different knits and patterns and prints. So personally, for me, I love having a good range of sweaters for this time of year. To match whatever style or vibe I’m going for that day.

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          Women’s Everyday Cozy Cardigan

          A cozy cardigan is the perfect thing to throw on for days where it’s chilly but not cold. So, if you live somewhere where it is like a warmer weather winter like Southern California for example, where it doesn’t really get below like 60F which is kind of rare. A cozy cardigan is still going to give you all of the winter vibes without all of the winter heat that a more traditional coat might give you. Also one of my favorite trends is a cardigan worn as the top. I think it looks so cute, and if you want to like take advantage of double layering like a cardigan as a top with a coat over.

          Women’s Everyday Puffer

          The puffer is also another huge trend right now especially that like really big oversized one from aritizias. I think it’s also called the super puff. I’ve seen it all over Instagram. It’s a huge trend. Upper jacket offers so much more of that, so I really love that. A trend is not only like cute but also practical. So if you’ve been looking for something that is much more practical but a little bit more casual than a coat, try out the puffer. You can actually find the puffer jacket in so many different colors and crops and lengths and all that jazz. The puffer jacket is just the perfect of fun and a casual piece that still keeps you warm in the winter.

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            Women’s Everyday Statement Coat

            Final piece of outerwear that will level up your winter style is a good statement coat. I’m a huge fan of statement pieces. If they’re so fun, they add so much life to an outfit. It makes just so much more dynamic and a statement coat is no exclusion. So, when it comes to winter, sometimes it gets a little monotonous wearing the same pieces over and over again. Having a statement coat is going to break up that monotony for you and just make your winter wardrobe a lot more fun. So, by having some kind of statement coat, it’s going to allow you to have a little bit of fun during the winter and mix things up.

            Products from

              I really hope you guys enjoyed it. I hope that if you’ve been looking for some outerwear pieces to add into your winter wardrobe, I’m gonna add some fun and flair and spice. All the above items are available on and can be delivered through Amazon Prime.

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